Picture Picture The MJD Pastoral Institute takes two roles in the life of the People of God in the Diocese of Melaka-Johor:

  1. It is the Pastoral Centre of the Diocese; and
  2. It is the Formation Hub of the Diocese.

1. The Pastoral Centre of the Diocese

The MJD Pastoral Institute assists the Bishop in overseeing the operations of 18 diocesan pastoral ministries.

The Director of the Pastoral Institute takes responsibility for consolidating the collective efforts of these ministries and encouraging strong collaboration among them. He also assists the Bishop to ensure that each ministry honours the directions set by the Bishop for the entire diocese.


2. The Formation Hub of the Diocese

As the formation hub of the diocese, the MJD Pastoral Institute proactively seeks to provide platforms for the formation of the laity in our diocese.

A. Annual District- and Parish-level Faith Formation Courses

Picture Each year, our MJDPI Formation Team conducts courses at district levels and these courses are open for all to participate. Our course facilitators are academically very qualified to engage in rigorous research in order to design courses in areas of theology, liturgy, spirituality, scripture and other areas of faith for the instruction of the lay faithful. These courses are offered at very minimal fees.

When there are special requests from parishes to provide catechetical instruction for their members at parish levels, we also assist to the best of our abilities in accordance with the emerging needs. At the same time, parish members are always encouraged, with the help of their parish priests, to participate in district-level formation events organised for them.


B. Formation-Based Pilgrimages

Picture Making pilgrimages are an ancient spiritual practice and longstanding tradition of the Christian faith. During these pilgrimages, the hearts and minds of pilgrims are open in a special way to receive divine graces as they embark on their trails prayerfully. The MJDPI collaborates with pilgrimage apostolates to organise a series of formation-based pilgrimages each year.

The purpose of these formation-based pilgrimages is to draw the pilgrims deeper into the heart of the Catholic faith and life, to help them better understand the mind of the Church and to renew their love for Christ and His Church. These trips are specially designed in such a way that thorough formation is provided every day for the pilgrims throughout each trip. The pilgrims of every trip are accompanied by a Formation Director and a Spiritual Director.


C. Catechetical Instruction & Dialogue through Social Media

Picture Classroom instruction today proves to be a challenge especially for the younger generation who consider face-to-face non-interactive instruction outmoded. There is a pressing need to be where the young people are in order to establish communication with them.

Sociological studies have shown that the younger people today have begun forming communities among themselves on various internet platforms, such as Facebook, Youtube, various forums and chatrooms, among others. The MJD Pastoral Institute keeps in constant touch with this generation of internet users through these means in order to transmit catechetical instruction and pastoral advice, and to provide platforms for online discussions.


D. Faith Formation Materials

Picture The MJD Pastoral Institute aims also to resource our lay faithful with formation materials that are affordable. These resources may either be used for spiritual development or catechetical instruction. Sporadically, we are able to obtain limited amounts of materials from some suppliers who are able to provide them at very cheap prices.

Together with that, we also produce our own formation resources such as books, CDs and DVDs to be distributed at affordable prices so that faith formation can be brought to the people in the comfort of their own homes and small groups. These resources are all usually available at the Faith Formation Resource Counter that we set up during our MJD Pastoral Institute events and during roadshows around the various parishes of the diocese.