Born : 26 July 1926
Ordained Priest : 9 August 1959
Appointed Bishop : 22 December 1972
Ordained Bishop : 8 June 1973
Retired : 10 December 2001
Residence : Graceville
2101 Jalan Masai, Plentong,
81750 Masai, Johor
Tel : 019-7151700

"How would you feel if you had planted a rambutan tree, watered it, manured it, pruned it, and given it all the care and attention it needs to bear fruit one day? When the tree starts flowering and fruiting, you say to yourself, "At long last, I am going to enjoy the fruits of my labor." How happy and delighted you feel! Your hopes are being fulfilled, and now you can rest and reap the results of your years of sweat and hard work. At this stage, just as the fruits are about to ripen, the tree suddenly withers and dies for some reason or other. Tell me, how would you feel? Your hopes are smashed and it looks as if you had wasted all these last five years for nothing. Don't you feel sad and disheartened, hurt and broken-hearted? The rambutan tree took you only five years if it is a grafted tree, and at most eight years if planted from seed. But it took me twenty-four years to bring you up and educate you. And now, just as you are bearing fruit and ripening like the rambutan tree, you tell me you want to leave me and join the seminary. Do you think I do not feel anything at all compared to how you would feel for the rambutan tree?"

Author : Bishop Emeritus James Chan Soon Cheong, DD
Publisher : Woo Jin Publishing Co.
Price : RM 20.00

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