“The Church, which is rooted in a Trinitarian God of communion, is a living organism and constantly undergoing transformation. In the course of her pilgrim journey through history towards the realization of her full identity as a communion of communities (Jn 17:21), she is challenged by the world and its rapidly changing value systems. One of the greatest achievements of the Second Vatican Council was to re-project the image of the Church as a communion of communities by affirming her local character built on faith, translated into human relationships centred in Christ.”[1] BEC therefore, is the outcome of this achievement.


BEC as a small grassroot ecclesial community is in a process of becoming Christ-like, both personally and communally. BEC has an inward movement to be with Christ and an outward thrust into the world in His name. With the two-fold movement of reflection-action through Gospel sharing rooted in the living Word; the BEC, albeit in a small way is becoming an evangelized and evangelizing community. It is the Spirit that is at the root of this new way of being Church in the BECs in Peninsular Malaysia. These are not just private groups. Since they comprise all Catholics of a given area, we are convinced that there are the most local incarnation of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. They fulfill a ministry where the good news is manifested in signs that indicate the advent of the Kingdom of God in their locality. (Acts 4: 34)

“Gospel sharing is the basic prayer of the BEC, and in its very process faith is lived out and becomes rooted.”[2] In sharing the Gospel through facilitation rather than explanation or discussion on the Word, is more effective in helping BECs savor the richness of the Gospel sharing process. In this way, the Christ who is born to us in Scriptures is slowly made recognizable by His Spirit in the members of the BECs. Lay people who gather regularly to share the Word among them in BECs also build relationship and faith in Christ. Gradually the members come to know, trust, and value each other even more as the sharing of faith deepens and becomes more personal. At the end, when members of the BEC live out their commitment through their sacramental life by forgiving one another, caring for the sick, using their gifts for the service of the Church and exercising their transforming leadership, they work towards the coming of the Kingdom.

The Diocesan BEC Animation and Formation Team therefore, provides formation, instill motivation through the formation programmes, monitor progress and assist in evaluation of BECs together with the Clergy, Religious and Lay Leaders in the Diocese.

Address : Pastoral Secretariat,
MAJODI Centre,
2101 Jalan Masai, Plentong,
81750 Masai, Johor
Telephone : 07-3871208
Fax : 07-3879845
Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bishop's Delegate/Head
: Rev. Edward Rayappan
: Rev. Deacon Offic Joseph
    Sr. Jaslia Ramut, FSIC
Chairperson : Mr. Francis Ong

[1] “Final Statement”, AsIPA 4th General Assembly (Trivandrum, India, 8-15th November, 2006).
[2] Mateo, Cora. Rerooting the Faith in Asia through SCCs in Small Christian Communities Today. Joseph G. Healey and Jeanne Hinton Eds. (Bangalore, Claretian Pub., 2006).

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Parish BECCOT chairpersons/BEC Coordinators/Core Teams may grow in their (i) faith, (ii) knowledge and understanding of the development of BECs in the Diocese and Peninsular Malaysia, (iii) Facilitating skill in community building, (iv) Understanding of Church and (v) Theology of Community Building