The aim of the Sub-Comission is to give an impetus to the ministry for the evangelisation of the Chinese-speaking, by implementing the decision of the Vatican II Council on the APOSTOLATE OF THE LAITY (Vatican II: On the Apostolate of the Laity Chapter 1 to 6) and the 1987 Synod on the Vocation and Mission of the Laity.

This Sub-Commission, under the guidance and direction of the authorities of the Church will undertake to establish Basic Ecclesial Communities (B.E.C) to promote apostolic works among the Chinese-speaking faithful.

The Organisation

The Sub-Commission approved by Rt Rev. James Chan on 4 October 1980 is a recognised body for the Chinese Apostolate in the Melaka-Johor Diocese.

Parishes in the diocese should set up branches for Chinese Apostolate. Every member of the branch is a member of the Sub-Commission.

Activities include:

  • Catechetical session for teachers, parents and students held in Villa Dominic on 9 and 10 June 2012. 125 persons attended the interesting session. They were from North Johor parishes.
  • After consultation with the youth minsitry, the Chinese Lay Apostolate youth group from the 3 districts of South Johor, North Johor and Melaka held a camp in Batu Pahat on 18 and 19 August with the theme “Self Challenge”. About 120 youths attended the session.
  • The Apostolate will hold its AGM on 6 October in Kluang to elect new office bearers for the next 2 years.
  • Chinese Lay Apostolate in the parish of St Louis’, Kluang will celebrate the 30th Anniversary on 7 October with a Thanksgiving Mass at 11 am then fellowship gathering.
  • The Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore Chinese Apostolate Commission will organise a seminar to be held in Singapore from 23 to 26 November.


PictureSpecial Outreach Programme

The Chinese Apostolate in her outreach programme to China in Pan Zhi Hua City to promote the Divine Mercy devotion has printed three types of Holy pictures such as Divine Mercy, Sacred Heart of Jesus and God the Creator. One thousand each for home use and for free distribution to various parishes. Divine Mercy rosaries and medals were also sent to them free of charge. The parish priest of St Peter there, Rev. Fr Huang Sheng Jin urgently requested for help to build a church to the Divine Mercy. The cost of this double storey Church is 900,000.00. The new church was completed and blessed on 3 June in the presence of district government officials, government religious leaders, local dignitaries, Rev. Fathers, nuns and many parishioners far and near.

Both local government leaders and Si Chang Diocese expressed their gratitude to our participation of fund-raising activites at the lunch reception after the blessing and thanksgiving Mass.


The Apostolate has organised a group of 41 pilgrims from Malaysia and Singapore for a 10-day tour and to attend the blessing of this church. They were much consoled as their labour is bearing fruits in the green field with God’s blessing and prayers of many friends.

The short explanation of the Divine Mercy history and its prayer are printed in the booklet. Brief history of the two churches build in China and church projects completed locally since 1964 is also reported in English and Chinese to dispel the doubts of some donors who complain that some religious persons even asked them for donation to help in their religious projects here and there but no news or reports were ever received from them at all.


Bishop's Delegate/Head
: Rev. John Baptist Yoew
Assistant : Rev. Matthew Bun Chang Yong
Chairperson : Mr. Peter Yen Yaw Hua
Deputy Chairperson : Mr. Gabriel Lim Si Kiac
Vice Chairperson : Ms. Theresa Pang Yen Fung
Auditor (1) : Mr. Raymond Tay Kim Hock
Auditor (2) : Ms. Catherine Tan
Secretary (Mandarin) : Ms. Iris Leong Lee Fong
Secretary (English) : Ms. Catherine Loh Ler Qi
Treasurer : Ms. Elizabeth Kang May Choo
Coordinator : Mr. Joseph Lim Puay Kuang
Asst. Coordinator   Mr. Dominic Ng Swee Tiam