Aru BumiThe term Aru Bumi derives from the word ‘Aru’, a Murut word which means ‘spirit’ and ‘Bumi’, a Malay word meaning ‘earth’. This group consists of members who are concerned with the lives and struggles of the Orang Asli.

The Orang Asli are the indigenous minority people of Peninsular Malaysia which consist of 0.5% of the total population of Malaysia. There are various ethnic groups among the Orang Asli, such as, Temuan, Jakun, Seletar, Semai etc.

Aru Bumi’s mission is to deepen a sense of mutual friendship and trust through regular visits of the Orang Asli so as to better understand their cultures and struggles and enable them to build up their trust in us as to be able to request Aru Bumi to respond to their needs.


a. Orang Asli Awareness Talk
Held during World Indigenous People’s Celebration (August), the purpose of this talk is to proclaim and dialogue with other religions and cultures. So far, we have held these awareness talks in churches around Johor Bahru and Melaka.

b. Alternative Education Programme (AEP)
The purpose of this programme is to provide education support in enhancing the literacy level of Orang Asli children and youth. AEP is conducted by Sr. Monica for the children and youth of Kg Kuala Masai & Kg Temun Sg Danga.

c. Faith Formation
Conducted by Br Anthony Dass SJ in the following kampungs: Kg Tanah Gembur, Tangkak (twice monthly), Kg Kuala Masai, Masai (4x monthly) and Kg Simpang Arang and Gelang Patah (twice monthly).

Pictured. Mass, Catechism Classes and RCIA Classes
Provide transportation to ferry Kg Kuala Masai villagers to St Theresa’s Church, Masai.


e. Visits

  1. Kg Sungai Tiram, Ulu Tiram
  2. Kg Tanah Gembur Sialang, Tangkak
  3. Kg Simpang Arang, Gelang Patah
  4. Kg Kuala Masai, Masai
  5. Kg Sungai Selangi, Kota Tinggi
  6. Kg Juaseh, Labis
  7. Kg Tanah Abang, Kahang

f. Education Sponsorship
We began this programme by sponsoring the best student in Kampung Tanah Gembur Sialang to aid her in buying school uniform, books and stationeries. As more donations came in this year, we managed to sponsor five excellent students from the same village.

g. Other Aid for Villagers

  1. Medical Camp
  2. Flood Relief (Kg. Sungai Selangi, Kg. Tanah Abang, Kg. Sungai Tuba, Kg. Punan)
  3. Miniscule Rubber Plantation (Kg. Luaseh, Labis)



a. Teaching Resources / Materials
b. Volunteers (AEP tutors, medical practitioners, flood relief)


Bishop's Delegate/Head : Rev. Neville Arul Sinnappah  
Assistant : Mr. James Angus  
Secretary : Ms. Jacinta Johnny
Treasurer : Ms. Teresa Chan Mei Leng
Members : Mr. Ronnie Tan
Sr. Monica Ng, RGS
Ms. Nancy Foo

This is a video clip that Aru Bumi - the orang asli ministry of Johor Meleka Diocese - help assist 2 students from Lim Kok Wing University in Cyberjaya to record.  Its well done though it took almost the whole day the actual production was about 9 minutes.