Objectives : To promote a deep understanding and respect for life, marriage and family life.
To respond to family needs in a holistic process.
Bringing together pastoral agents of language groups, various ministries and all parishes committed to family life ministries.
Networking and initiating formation programme and services in a co-responsible, collaborative, co-ordinated and systematic approach.
Bishop's Delegate/Head
: Rev. Moses Rayappan
: Rev. Deacon Dr. Leslie Petrus BDS
    Rev. Deacon Arama Das (Tamil)
Council Members : Mrs. Feona petrus (Secretary)
Ms. Jennifer Chua (Asst. Secretary)
Mr. Simon Soh
Mr. Xavier Sinnathamby
Mr. Alvin Lau (Mandarin)
Mr. Hendricks Utoi (BM)
Mr. Andrew & Christina Chew (Natural Fertility Awareness)
Mr. Thomas & Rita Arul (Tamil & Marriage Encounter)
Ms. Alice Tan (Deaf Ministry)
Mr. Ignatius Lee (Deaf Ministry)
- Marriage Preparation: Diocese
(Engaged Encounter)
Head : Friar Valentine Gompok, OFM Cap.
Members : Mrs. Feona Petrus (English)
Sr. Susan Dulang, SSFS (Bahasa)
Mr. Augustine Kang (Chinese)
Rev. Deacon Arama Dass (Tamil)
Mr. Tony Ng (Melaka, Chinese)
Mr. Joseph Lim (Mandarin)
- Natural Family Planning - BOM
 Johor   Mr. Andrew Chew (English)
Ms. Margaret Chang (Chinese)
Mrs. Helem Tan (BM)
Ms. Josephine Mary Lois (Tamil)
Melaka   Mrs. Jessica Ng (Chinese)