This prayer is to be said on the launching of the MJD Pastoral Thrust 2016-2020 on the 1st Sunday of Advent (27 November 2016) and throughout the year.


Come Holy Spirit,
Fill the hearts of your faithful
and kindle in them the fire of Your Love.
Send forth your Spirit O Lord,
and they shall be re-created
and You shall renew the face of the Earth
(Glory be...)


Datanglah Roh Kudus,
Penuhi hati umatMu dan nyalakan dalam mereka api KasihMu.
Utuslah Roh KudusMu, Ya Tuhan,
maka mereka akan dicipta semula
dan Engkau akan memperbaharui muka bumi.


天主圣神, 请降临! 充满祢信众的心灵, 并以祢的爱火燃烧他们。
主啊! 求祢遣发的圣神, 他们就会重新被受造,
而祢将改变这个世界, 使其面貌焕然一新。