Vision-Mission Statement of the Diocese of Malacca-Johore

From the May 1 - 2, 2016 Diocesan Synod and the Peninsular Malaysia Pastoral Convention IV, held on October 2 - 5, 2016, the Diocese of Malacca Johore has opted for the following pastoral thrust:

Church as Communion of Families
for the year 2016-2020,
seeks to be Creative, Inclusive,
Bridge Building, Visionary & Missionary,
and to go forth as "disciples of Hope"


The Pastoral Focus for the next 5 years are:

  1. Deepening Faith (Fire Up the Embers) through Formations and Encounter Programmes.
  2. Building Believing Communities (Keep the Fire Burning) through Re-designing BECs approaches and offer alternatives.
  3. Awakening the Missionary Spirit (Light up Lives) through awareness that everything we do can be evangelistic opportunities.
  4. Adopt an E-approach Strategy in parishes, ministries, services and formations levels with the foundational components of the 4-Es: Emphasise the 4 components of Catholic Spirituality ie. ENCOUNTER, ENLIGHTNEMENT, EMPOWERMENT AND EVANGELISATION.

The Biblical Basis: Luke 4: 16-21